This summer split in the VCS has been very tumultuous for multiple teams, as there has been some various big roster shake-ups.

According to VETV, the VCS Summer split will start on the 24th of June!

The new toplaner formerly played under REVERSE Gaming and Team WE in South-Korea and China and is going to join CERBERUS Esports in the VCS


Hello, my name is Nguyen Anh Thang. I am from The Netherlands and have a Vietnamese heritage. My goal is give critical information on this beautiful competitive scene from Vietnam. In this article I will explain in depth of the Vietnamese League of Legends scene, and why it has been so successful.

PER Glory with Minh Nghi (Source: VETV FB)

As an avid LJL viewer, it is always exciting to watch the development of the Japanese region. The region has always met with high expectations, the high expectations that an East-Asian country would expect.

The LJL will start on the 13th of June! (Source: @Official_LJL on Twitter)

Following the footsteps of bigger regions such as China and South-Korea, or even Vietnam and the SEA-region. Japan wants to chase those regions, and be on the same footsteps as them. The past is not the future presented. Japan will succeed by doing small and big steps during their way.

1. A new chapter for Burning Core; Roki retires, Eugeo will make his LJL debut. Will he live up?

We will finally have some international League of Legends action, as it was announced yesterday that there will be a clash between the Pacific Championship Series (PCS) and the Vietnamese Championship Series (VCS).

Two teams from each region will battle against each other in a group stage, double round robin in a best-of-one. The first placed team will seed into the finals, whereas the second and third placed teams will play a best-of-five to determine who will play in the finals. Matches will be played on the 31st of May 18:00 CEST with the goal to raise funds for the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nguyen Anh Thang

I write articles about League of Legends, specific about the VCS and LJL! My twitter for more updates:

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