Five reasons why you should watch the VCS!

Minh Nghi with EVOS Divkid (source: VETV Facebook)

Every region has their own tastes and VCS also has their own unique flavor. What makes the VCS so different in comparison to other regions? I’m going to tell you five reasons why you should watch the VCS!

1. Every game is entertainment.

Kills per minute (from

2. Unlike several minor regions, we have a dedicated English community.

LK and Hani

3. We have.. a lot of fails, but a lot of good plays too!

LK Celebrity (Source: VETV Facebook)

4. We are the only minor region that has best of threes.

5. We have national talent and no player imports.

FTV Rika (Source: VETV Facebook)

Convinced? Turn into the next VCS match!

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