The return of “Demon King” Zeros

GAM Zeros (Source: VETV FB)

uring the 2020 spring off-season a lot of teams shook up their main rosters, including GAM Esports. With new changes to GAM Esports, the team finished their roster with; Kiaya toplane, Levi jungle, Dia1 midlane, Blazes botlane and lastly Palette on support. The newly formed team undermined some great success, being first place in the VCS with only one loss so far. However, to everyone’s surprises, a well-known name was welcomed in the second half of the split.

Lets discuss what kind of impact Zeros will have!

Why is Zeros back on GAM Esports?

Initially, Zeros left the team to join an unnamed LPL team. Unfortunately, Zeros ended up with VISA issues, which led him to miss the first few LPL games. And after all of these were not enough, another issue stapled onto the table with the COVID-19 virus being a plague for the Republic of China and the rest of the world. All and all it would be very complicated to travel to his new destination.

During the middle of the split, teams can pick up new players to sign up for the VCS. GAM Esports took their chance and grabbed them with both hands as they got Zeros for the top lane position.

What does Zeros bring for GAM Esports?

The man knows how to lane, and is often known as the “Demon King” of Vietnam. Zeros will not lose any laning phase in the VCS, and will always be ahead in CS of the opposition. You can essentially play around him and you will most likely get a lot out of the top lane. In past splits, Zeros likes to play super aggressive lane champions like Kennen, Jayce or Renekton. However, we have to see what Zeros brings this split with champion picks, as meta on the top lane will be different every split.

What will happen to Kiaya?

Kiaya, their current toplaner will probably play a lot more than Zeros. GAM Esports has a luxury problem with having two great players, that are both eager for play time. The story of luxury problems in GAM Esports have been well known in the past with Yoshino and Zeros sharing their stage time.

GAM Zeros smirking and back on the stage (Source: VETV FB)

In my opinion, GAM Esports should look to play Kiaya more often than Zeros. Initially Zeros was released to make room for Kiaya. The future for the team should be Kiaya and not Zeros.

What is the difference between Kiaya and Zeros?

The main difference between Kiaya and Zeros is the jungle attention. Unlike Zeros, Kiaya doesn’t need much jungle attention from Levi in order to succeed. However it is the opposite for Zeros, which makes him resource heavy. More often than not, Kiaya tends to play around his team more, while Zeros is split pushing to victory. The last thing to mention is the champion pool is slightly different from each other. Zeros has the more split push style champions, while Kiaya has a more team oriented pick.

Which kind of playstyle does GAM Esports benefit the most?

In my opinion, the playstyle of Kiaya does favor GAM Esports more than Zeros gives in their current roster. The reason is because as I stated before, Zeros needs a lot of attention while Kiaya doesn’t. The difference between the 2019 and 2020 iteration is that they have a different carry that they play around in Dia1. Whilst it is possible to have 2 carries in one team, it makes it more difficult for Levi to juggle the attention. If that does succeed, Levi is a superhero. We could say that the 2020 iteration has their super carry in Dia1, rather than super carry Zeros in 2019.

Zeros is the heros? (thank you everyday) Watch the next VCS match!

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You can also join our VCS English Discord to discuss even more about VCS.

I hope you had a wonderful read about The return of “Demon King” Zeros, and on every Tuesday I will post an new article which features various things about the VCS as well. So stay tuned!



I write articles about League of Legends, specific about the VCS and LJL! My twitter for more updates:

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Nguyen Anh Thang

I write articles about League of Legends, specific about the VCS and LJL! My twitter for more updates: