[VCS] Yoshino: “VCS is not the last goal for our team. We always wanted to go to Worlds and show them how good VCS could be.”

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After Team Flash won the VCS Spring Split of 2020, the VCS English immediately approached the Team Flash organization. We asked if it was possible to interview one of the Flazers for their prestigious split, which they exceeded everyone’s expectations. Luckily for us, we had the pleasure of interviewing Le Trung “Yoshino” Kien for an EXCLUSIVE interview with VCS English!

But first, I would like to thank Team Flash, Biichan (their content creator of Team Flash), Terence Ting (CEO of Team Flash) and of course Yoshino for this great opportunity.

In this article interview, we interviewed Yoshino from Team Flash. We asked him various questions, such as playing for how it feels to play for Team Flash, how it feels winning against his former team GAM Esports and of course asking about his favourite anime!

FL Yoshino against GAM Kiaya statistics (Source: @vcs_english and @SpoodsLoL on Twitter)

We first started asking Yoshino some serious questions about the whole VCS Spring Split for Team Flash.

Ichishiki: Would you like to introduce yourself? A lot of people probably know you already, but for those who might not know you, could you introduce yourself to the reading audience?”

Yoshino: “First of all I really want to say thank you to VCS English for having this interview with me. My full name is Le Trung Kien and I am the top laner for Team Flash — and my in-game name is Yoshino.”

Ichishiki: “So, coming off a 3–2 victory over GAM Esports, how does it feel to win the VCS title against your former team, it must feel great winning the title against your former team isn’t it?”

Yoshino: “Winning this title means a lot to me. Not only because our opponent is GAM Esports, but also because this is the first season I can come on to the stage as the main player for Team Flash and fight for my team for all the season long. I am still a little bit sad that I could not appear on the playoff stage, but in the end a win is still a win.”

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Ichishiki: “We can definitely see that playing for Team Flash has been very successful so far, so why do you think Team Flash is successful in the VCS? Is it the staff, the team atmosphere or just everything in the organization? I feel like you in particular also had a huge contribution to their success Yoshino“

Yoshino: “Team Flash is not clearly new in the industry even though this is only the third split of ours in the VCS. Therefore, the owners and managers know how to put everything on the right track. All the staffs here also are familiar with the esports scene for at least more than a couple years so they do know how to help us as much as they can. All the team members are very close to each other, we eat together, we train together, we live together, we lose and we win as a team.

We were actually very surprised about the answer of Yoshino. The quote of Yoshino: “we eat together, we train together, we live together, we lose and we win as a team.” really struck into us. So our follow-up question was:

Ichishiki: “I see that the team is very cohesive. Is there any particular teammate or staff member from Team Flash that you want to talk about that has helped you and the team for this VCS title?

Yoshino:I think I can talk to everyone in my team. We share everything a lot, from the media staff to the players. Beside of training, we also have a small group chat on Facebook to keep the connection between each other. Everyone is good at some points.”

Ichishiki: What can we look forward to from Team Flash in summer when the 2020 VCS Summer Split starts? Is the team going to win the VCS again?”

Yoshino: We are still trying to be better and better in every game and every day. VCS is not the last goal for our team. We always wanted to go to Worlds and show them how good VCS could be. As a member of the team, I can hardly promise that we can win the Summer for all the fans, but I can promise that we will do the best as we could, especially me not getting sick anymore.”

FL Slayder and FL Yoshino

Most of us can probably relate that we as fans of the VCS are pretty sad that Team Flash isn’t participating at MSI 2020 due to the COVID-19 outbreak. We would’ve loved to see how Team Flash would perform as the representatives of Vietnam. Nevertheless, our team also asked some fun interesting questions for Yoshino including this curious one:

Ichishiki: “We have heard a lot of stories on how much you love anime (for example on your social media), could you tell us your favorite anime and why people should watch it?

Yoshino: My favourite anime is Date A Live. You can find my in-game name there (Yoshino Himekawa), but this is a hard anime to watch in my opinion.”

Ichishiki: “Yoshino, you have been an experienced top laner so far in the VCS, could you give any advice to any top laner that wants to go pro? Can you give at least one example what he should do?

Yoshino: My advice is to watch the pro players to learn how they play, how they control the minion waves or how they use the teleport summoner spell. It is always good to learn from the better players. Stark and I watch Korean pro players that stream a lot to learn from them.“

FL Yoshino (Source: VETV Facebook)

Ichishiki: Tell us your favorite food to eat. Why is it so delicious? A lot of pro players have a favorite food they like to eat.”

Yoshino: “I don’t think I have a good sense for food. For me every food tastes the same haha. But I still like to eat a lot spicy noodles.

For us, Yoshino is an active chatter to which he talks a lot in our VCS English Discord. So we were very curious to why his English is so good. This question came to us naturally:

Ichishiki: “We have seen you chat a lot in our VCS English Discord, how did you learn English so well? Could you tell us a bit more about your English skills?

Being weeb helps for practicing your English (from our VCS English Discord)

Yoshino: The good thing of becoming a wibu (a person that really loves anime, also known as weeb and weabu) is that you can learn a lot of English from anime. Guys please watch anime with English subtitles. You can all see that I can read and write basic English, but speaking is a bit more difficult than reading and writing”

Ichishiki: Anything you want to say to your family, friends or your supporting fans? Is there anyone who supported you that you want to give an shoutout?”

Yoshino: I want to say thank you again for supporting me for a long time, I promise I won’t get sick anymore in the final. Big thanks to my brother always supporting me. GG!

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